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Is a new car for you?

Jun 3, 2019

When it comes to car ownership our favourite motor is always going to be the one we buy next and we have never been more spoiled for choice.

When launching the original Model T, car maker Henry Ford said, “A customer can have a car painted any colour he wants as long as it’s black”. Well, black is still a popular colour but these days new cars have a colour chart that rivals an artist’s palette.

That’s the first good reason to buy a brand new car: The buyer gets to make all the choices to suit; there’s no need to compromise on preferences or options, but that is by no means the only reason why buying a new car is a good idea.


Thanks to pressure from governments and other agencies car makers have been compelled to up their game when it comes to road safety. This has sparked an automotive technology revolution. Thus when buyers invest in a new vehicle, they get the latest advanced safety features like stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and so on.

The pace of technology these days means that the new features quickly trickle down from high-end luxury cars to more mainstream family motors and economy brands.


Those same regulations that govern safety also include emission control and fuel efficiency. As fuel consumption has improved so noxious emissions have gone down, making the latest cars much more environmentally friendly. Even the much maligned diesel models have just recently been shown to produce, in some cases, almost no NOx thanks to the latest diesel engine technology now appearing in current model vehicles.

Efficiency is also aided by a wide selection of engine choices; petrol, diesel, hybrid or full-blown electric vehicles means the right power plant can be chosen to suit preferences and use. Drivers who put a lot of mileage, for example, can balance the cost of a new car with the long-term savings from a more efficient engine.


While fossil fuel cars still predominate, other alternative energy trends are clearly here to stay. Pure electric vehicles are increasingly available from most brands and the promise is dramatically reduced mileage costs. For the urban motorist not planning any long trips, an EV these days can appeal and the latest new models are extending the range, making these vehicles much more viable. Further, just around the corner Hydrogen-powered cars are starting to appear. Toyota, for example, have recently announced they are working hard on this technology.

A New Car To Last

These days, for most people, domestic cars are seen as lifestyle accessories and the latest models optionally come with all the latest infotainment products like Apple CarPlay. There’s no longer any need to specify a CD player when favourite sounds can be streamed direct from a smartphone. Similarly, most new cars are connected to the outside world through useful apps and Bluetooth technology. This is the sort of kit that is part of the fabric of modern life. A new car, properly specced-up will have this.

If the happy new owner keeps to the maintenance and service schedule there is absolutely no reason why the latest cars will not give many years of reliable motoring. There’s no sketchy history to worry about or issues arising from previous owner neglect. The new car comes with a full warranty for peace of mind and ordering one is simplicity itself, especially through a trusted online service that not only finds the very best price from a broad selection of main dealerships offering excellent finance options, but also takes the buyer through the whole process from ordering to delivery.

There’s no mystery about buying cars online any more. It’s established, especially now that a new car purchased in this way can be serviced at any dealership without issue. Buying a new car is an expensive business to be sure but in a fast, competitive world there are many good deals to be had. The first time the door is opened and that new car smell wafts out, it will all make perfect sense.

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