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Winter Road Safety Tips

Feb 11, 2021

Winter Road Safety Tips

All the seasons of the year bring with them different driving conditions and winter is no exception. In the UK we generally know what to expect but it is easy, after the warmer months, to forget the lessons learned from previous years.

Weather Warnings

Weather forecasters use a ‘traffic light’ system to advise road users and others about forthcoming conditions. Despite the technology available these forecasts are usually based on computer models and our unpredictable weather doesn’t always take this into consideration. Nevertheless, it pays to take heed, so amber and red warnings should be taken seriously. Are both you and your car ready for what winter, which can last through to April, has in store?

You And Your Car

With our busy lives it is all too easy to head off quickly and get the journey over with, to avoid being out out and about longer than necessary. It’s a good idea therefore to ask a few pertinent questions before setting off:

• Insurance

Is the car properly insured? To just take to the road during a red weather warning with snow and ice, your insurer might wonder if that journey was necessary at all. It’s a small point but make sure that car insurance really does cover all eventualities.

• Servicing

Before winter lays its icy fingers on your motor, consider getting the car checked professionally by a car servicing garage. Ensure that all fluids are at the correct level, especially the coolant. Any leaks in the system will quickly be found out by freezing temperatures. Brakes need to be operated smoothly; a check will reveal if the brakes are snatching or causing any wayward movement.

Ensure also that windscreen washer fluid is specifically designed to resist freezing temperatures and that wiper blades, front and rear, are in tip-top condition. It goes without saying that all lights should be operational too. Winter, with freezing fog, is the one time that those forgotten fog lights can be deployed; make sure they work.

• Tyres