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Square Peg, Round Hole

Jun 22, 2020

‘What makes you different and why should people choose to work with you over your competitors?’

Square Peg, Round Hole

I’m always trying to grow and evolve as a business owner whilst learning new things, and I don’t think we should ever stop doing this, as I feel there is ALWAYS something new to learn – my mum used to say ‘You learn something new every day’. Its true. So whenever I attend any marketing workshops, the attendees are always asked the same question by the facilitator of the workshop….. 

‘What makes you different and why should people choose to work with you over your competitors?’ 

It’s a really good question. For me personally, its an easy one to answer and anyone that has met me for the first time and asks what I do, I must admit I do tend to go on and on 😊. But I believe what makes me so passionate about what I do, is that I have total belief in the service I’m providing and the level of service I provide. Throughout my working life, I’ve always found that I have to believe in what I’m selling as if I don’t believe how on earth is the customer expected to buy from me? 

Firstly, our service ISN’T automated. You will get to speak to a real person, usually Dan or myself. We like to talk to our customers to understand their needs and exactly what they are after. Buying a car is a huge purchase, one of the biggest after buying a house, and I believe that each purchase isn’t as straightforward as putting details into a system and something pops out and we buy. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different, and I like to understand them to enable me to get you exactly what you are after. Every Customer is different, every purchase is different, its like the square peg in a round hole scenario – its not ‘one size fits all’. To be honest I’m glad!   Dan and I also own and run Baileys Garage where we carry out servicing, MOT’s and Repairs. Dan is also a Master Technician and MOT tester and this gives us that special insight into the actual mechanics of the cars we are sourcing for our customers. 

We help customers with PCP, Lease (Business or Personal contract hire) or Cash Purchase.  

We are not affiliated to any one particular dealership or manufacturer – that way we can provide you with the best deal we can get for you, totally unbiased. 

Baileys New Cars Direct is NOT a Leasing or Finance company and is totally independent, we work with Main Dealerships and manufacturers across the UK, therefore again its unbiased. 

Transparency is super important to us and I know it is to our customers - we will explain all the details of the quotation you’ve been given or will be given so that you understand EXACTLY what you are getting and what everything means. 

We will be there for you from the beginning until that wonderful moment when your brand new car is delivered, so if you have any questions or you need help with anything along the way I’ll be happy to help. You won’t be on your own after you’ve placed your order with the dealership, I will be there all the way through. 

Mostly we have listened to what our customers say that they want from our service. It isn’t about numbers, its about customer experience. Sounds cheesy I know, but its true!  

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